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12% for 12 days, 160% after 12 days, 4% daily for ever
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Last Paid: Nov-17,2017
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Ref.Comm: 5%-3%-2%-1%-1%%
Added On: May 15th, 2015

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Here's what about us 12 IN Limited is an independent Global investment management company. We provide diversified investment packages to our clients, focusing on all the Stock Market, the Forex Trading. The team pride themselves on working closely with the companies they back and are committed to helping entrepreneurs achieve long-term success. Our experts have worked out a strategy, which is built on the principles of arbitrage. First of all we have taken the opportunity to earn money on inefficiency of price formation of financial tools from the arbitrage strategy. We use trade skills , which are described on the imbalance of price . Our strategy is a really accurate and efficient trading system. It is a highly delicate and carefully prepared in process

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